Pictures Of Ireland & More

Alan Campbell is an enthusiast photographer living in Northern Ireland. Alan is a self-taught landscape and nature photographer focusing on showcasing the natural beauty of Ireland through his images. Scroll down to view his work.

Pictures Of Ireland - Scenes
A collection of images captured in Ireland, mainly within County Donegal and County Antrim. My style is to capture colourful and vibrant images that showcase the beauty of the island of Ireland.
Pictures Of Ireland - Nature
A collection of vivid and vibrant images of flowers, insects, sheep and cows captured in their natural environment in the Northern Ireland countryside.
Pictures Of Ireland - Black And White
A selection of images that have been converted to Black and White. My black and white images will typically contain strong blacks and an element of white so that there is a good contrast been light and shadows.
Pictures Of Ireland - Monochrome
Pictures of Ireland images of various subjects that have been converted to Black And White and a colour tone added to bring out the warmth of the image.
Pictures Of Ireland - Maritime Festival
Belfast has a long history of ship building and every year a Maritime Festival is held. Each year I go with my family and when I get a chance I try to capture some documentary images of the event.
Pictures Of Ireland - Tall Ships
One of the big events that Belfast hosts every 5 years I think is the Tall Ships race. This is a sight to behold and each time the Tall Ships come to Belfast I love to capture some documentary images to remember each time.
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